Take Action

$30 buys a stove for a Families. Make your donation today.

Each Stove…

  • Saves the average Liberian Family $10 per month in charcoal costs (that’s 50% of their fuel costs!)
  • Saves $120 per year in charcoal costs (that’s 1/2 the average GDP per capita, or 1/2 annual income!)
  • Saves $600 in 5 years in charcoal cost
  • Lasts minimum 5 years
  • Has a 2 year warranty
  • Cuts toxic smoke by 80%
  • Cuts cook time by 40%

How it works:  Your $30 donation goes toward donating the cost of a clean cookstove to an economically challenged family, an orphanage, a school feeding program, a clinic or a hospital.

We are partnering with Kiva.org to allow our supporters to give our beneficiaries a “micro-loan” from $30 all the way up to $250 or more. If you think you want to become a micro-lender, please let us know. We’ll soon link profiles of our beneficiaries to our Kiva.org page so you can lend money directly to the family so they can purchase a clean cookstove, a solar home system, or water filters and bed nets, and pay back the loan over a course of months. For instance, a $30 loan can be paid back in three months using the over $10 fuel savings each month to pay back the cost of the stove.  After three months, the stove is paid back and all the savings for the remaining minimum 5-yr lifespan of the stove is for the family to use.  An amazing poverty reduction program!

All donations are securely processed through PayPal. Donations are tax deductible and will be processed through Empowerment Society, a 501(c) organization.

Or stop by our office today to purchase your stove.  The Marketplace, Carey & Nelson streets, 077-744-8542, 088-044-8542

Ganta store has just opened!  Across from the old Abuja Cafe.  Come by or call Ben, 0689-8090 :-)

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