April Liberia Trip: Please Join My Quest

Dear Friends,

I am about to embark on another Liberian adventure to deliver clean cookstoves to needy Liberian families.

Its an ambitious schedule, arrive on the 15th or so, go directly to Bong and Nimba county to deliver stoves to the Mission of Hope Orphanage in Gbarnga (10), then to Ganta to deliver stoves to the United Methodist Church Hospital (10), then on to Tappita to deliver stoves to the new Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital (20), and finally to my father’s hometown of Banligea in Tappita to give stoves to families there (20).

That’s a total of 80 stoves to donate at a cost of $4,800 ($60 per stove). I’d like to donate 100 so I need to raise $6,000, can you help me? Any amount helps. Maybe you’ve got a nice tax return lol. Please consider contributing to this quest. Follow me @petergbelia and @sjedigreen for trip updates on twitter.

Additionally, we will have a major Clean Cookstove Stakeholder meeting on 25 April 2013, at the Corina Hotel near Sam’s BBQ at 0800 – 12:30P. If you’re in Monrovia, please RSVP to attend, my email peter@sjedi.org, or call Royston 088-074-7924. We’ll be covering our UN application for CDM funding and discuss the benefits of a national clean cookstove project.

Your past donations have allowed us to donate 10 clean cookstoves to the Liberian Refugee and Relocation Committee; 10 clean cookstoves to the School of the Blind in Ganta, 10 stoves to the Women’s Association of Saclepea in Nimba County; and 10 stoves for the Tappita Women’s Association.

Since we began distributing clean cookstoves in April of 2011, we have managed to distribute over 2,000 clean cookstoves in more than 30 different communities. Check out these indicators based on those 2,000 stoves distributed to families with a minimum of 5 women and children per family:
Over 10,000 women and children’s health immediately improved from the risks associated from cooking with solid fuels (over 2 million women and children die per year from cooking with solid fuels, charcoal, coal, wood, dung)
Over 2,000 families have saved $120 USD each in the year they have had the stove, a total of $240,000 saved as part of a SJedi initiated poverty alleviation program
We’ve saved around 7,000 tons of CO2 in our first year and this number will continue to grow since each stove last a minimum of 5-years (Each clean charcoal stoves saves 2.82 tons of CO2 per year and each wood stove saves 1.86 tons)
We estimate that approximately 700,000 families are in need of cookstoves in Liberia alone; We still have much work to do
The project has recently received some good press. I trust you will take the time to read these articles and pass them a long to your friends and our future supporters.

Vegas Seven Article: “Soldier of Good Fortune
Checkpoints Magazine: “How to Start A Small Business in Liberia, Africa

Thank you again, I look forward to seeing you on my team. Take care, God Bless, and don’t forget to follow us and check up on us at our website, www.sjedi.org.
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